Obsidian Lewis Cashpaldi

by BigFatSexyCards

Benjamins, queen lizzies, other names for money. This is caaaashpaldi lewis cashpaldi here. Never not seen with a big wad, with fat stacks. They sometimes call him fat stacks and he’s been a personal favourite of mine since he swaggered onto the stage in Middlesbrough on may 24th 2019. The same day the (inaudible) for you eagle eyed fans, as you all well know! And yeah this guy, let me tell you this guy you wanna party with this fella. He’s actually quite irresponsible with cash, quite irresponsible. Probably if we’re being honest, it’s all fun and games now he’s throwing money around. “Wooo! money there, theres some cash. He’s shooting money out of guns!”, but bankruptcy beckons for lewis cashpaldi. When they say ah lewis cashpaldi went bankrupt. They’ll say “I’m not surprised, I’m not surprised he’s bankrupt - he was being frivallous, he was spending frivallously”. consider him a cautionary tale on how not to look after your finances.

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