1. Get here just before 6PM BST / 1PM EDT Apr 30th (Friday), set those 🚨 alarms 🚨 to be ready!

2. Choose your collectible cards and click the button to order it using your debit/ credit card, PayPal, Apple Pay or Cryptocurrency via Coinbase Commerce, some are likely to go quickly so be as quick as ya can!!! 💥

3. You'll receive a confirmation email right after purchase! ❤️

4. You’ll receive your NFT(s) via an email from Arkane Network (on the email address you provided when purchasing) with instructions on Tuesday May 4th!🥳

5. I'll start getting the perks ready for ya, might take a moment, but will be getting any physical bits sent out to you within 30 days 😎

6. Wait and hope the cards all sell out so yours is worth a shitload so you can flog it on at some stage! 💰💰💰

7. Going to be adding more perks to each card as time goes on so holding onto your card will get you loads of exciting shit in the future that only you will get! 🔥

❗️Please be aware that the maximum cart purchase is $10k. If customers would like to buy more than that amount, they need to do multiple checkouts.