Owner of the ONLY ever digital copy to exist in the world of the Red ‘Big Fat Sexy Card’!
 Lifetime guest list for you and a friend to come to any (and as many) of my headline shows ever as you like!!!! *
 Going to send you some dates to see if you’d like to come down to the studio to join me one afternoon when I’m writing the album ^
 2x tickets guaranteed to the secret album preview show happening in the UK next year! (Date & venue to be announced!) ^^
 Giving ya 1 of the only 5 copies to exist of the vinyl test pressings for my debut album ‘Divinely Uninspired To A Hellish Extent’. 
 I’m going to give you a video call when you’re free to say hello and cheers for being the red card owner!
 A physical copy of one and only red holographic card in a clear 'ice' display - the only copy in the entire 🌎
 Instant access to the digital vault with a load of things I’ve included in there including cheers for getting this card!
 Access to a digital voting group to help decide future perks of all cardholders
✨ 1 x Polkapets Lewis Capaldi Spirit Guide Card
✨ 1 x Backstage pass to a Lewis Capaldi's concert
✨ All card holder will be able to enter the Chain Guardians game and mine their cards to gain rewards

Terms & Conditions and Footnotes

* Subject to reasonable availability. Does not include festivals, radio shows, corporate shows, media events. All decisions are final.

^ Does not include travel or accommodation. A date(s) will be suggested & cannot be rearranged 

^^ Does not include travel or accommodation. A date(s) will be confirmed no later than 2 months prior to the event.

Secret album preview show entry is only available to the digital cardholder at the show entry redemption opens.