✨ Owner of 1 of only 120 1st Edition of the Gold Cards (20 of each character)
Going to send you your card to your house as a class gold foiled playing card. Only the 159 other gold card members will get one of these! 
A v limited edition (1 of 120) ‘Someone You Loved’ lyric print, delivered to you!
✨ 40 randomly selected Gold card owners will win x2 tickets to the secret album preview show next year!
Going to be doing a secret zoom with all of ya gold cardholders to speak a bit about the album writing process and how that’s all going! 
Ballot entry for a chance to win 1 of 5 vinyl test pressings of my debut album! (one copy will go to a gold holder)
Instant access to the digital vault with a load of things I’ve included in there including cheers for getting this card! 
Access to a digital voting group to help decide future perks of all cardholders
✨ 1 x Polkapets Lewis Capaldi Spirit Guide Card
Anyone who collects all six cards of one color tier will win a share of a prize pool that has 250,000 Matic tokens worth 100,000 USD
✨ All card holder will be able to enter the Chain Guardians game and mine their cards to gain rewards

Terms & Conditions and Footnotes

* Subject to reasonable availability. Does not include festivals, radio shows, corporate shows, media events. All decisions are final.

^ Does not include travel or accommodation. A date(s) will be suggested & cannot be rearranged 

^^ Does not include travel or accommodation. A date(s) will be confirmed no later than 2 months prior to the event.

Secret album preview show entry is only available to the digital cardholder at the show entry redemption opens.