Owner of 1 of only 1800 1st Edition ‘Big Fat Sexy’ Cards (300 of each character)
 10 randomly selected Bronze card owners will also win x2 tickets to the secret album preview show next year!
 Going to choose 5 of ya to give a guest list to for a headline show! * 
 Instant access to the digital vault with a load of things I’ve included in there including cheers for getting this card! 
 Access to a digital voting group to help decide future perks of all cardholders 
 Ballot entry for a chance to win 1 of 5 vinyl test pressings of my debut album! (one copy will go to a bronze holder)
✨ Anyone who collects all six cards of one color tier will win a share of a prize pool that has 250,000 Matic tokens worth 100,000 USD
✨ All card holder will be able to enter the Chain Guardians game and mine their cards to gain rewards

Terms & Conditions and Footnotes

* Subject to reasonable availability. Does not include festivals, radio shows, corporate shows, media events. All decisions are final.

^ Does not include travel or accommodation. A date(s) will be suggested & cannot be rearranged 

^^ Does not include travel or accommodation. A date(s) will be confirmed no later than 2 months prior to the event.

Secret album preview show entry is only available to the digital cardholder at the show entry redemption opens.