Claim Your Perks

In order to claim perks associated with your Big Fat Sexy Mystery Box NFT, one MUST fill out the PERK REGISTRATION FORM before the snapshot date (which can be found in PERKS page).

* Each Binance account only needs to register once no matter how many perks are to be received.


Perk Delivery Process:

1. NFT holders fill out the PERK REGISTRATION FORM

2. Snapshot of holders will be taken to ensure you still hold the NFT

3. Perks will be delivered based on the details provided in the form above.

Big Fat Sexy Collectible Mystery Box!

Following the instant sell-out of his first Card Drop, Lewis Capaldi returns with the highly anticipated second collection of the 'Big Fat Sexy Collectable Card Experience'. Four brand new personas, spanning five rarity tiers, all ‘born’ during Capaldi’s record-breaking 2 year journey will be available to own. Each character is accompanied by a unique audio narration from Lewis himself.

Only this time, cards will be available in secret mystery boxes! Which one will you open? Each card comes with its own original perks carefully chosen by Lewis himself!


SEP 17, 2021 4PM - 5PM BST

How to Register Binance Account

The 2nd edition of Big Fat Sexy Mystery Box is ONLY available on Binance. 🚨🚨🚨

You MUST register a Binance account and complete verification before Sep 17th.

Click here to register.

As verification could take up to a week, please make sure to finish the process NOW! The cards are all limited quantity and they run out fast!!

Click guideline to get help.

Nordoff Robbins Music Therapy Charity

“We believe in the power of music to connect with the human potential that lies within us all, including those living with profound disability, illness, and exclusion."

- Nordoff Robbins CEO, Sandra Schembri

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