Hello! It's me, Lewis Capaldi here 🕺.
Can't tell you how buzzing I am to be playing this secret show to just over 200 of us early next year where I'll be playing some work in progress tunes from the album I'm working on!
All of the cards that will be available are VERY VERY limited. 🎉🎉 There's less than 60 of the 'Obsidian' cards for example and only ONE ever of the big lovely sexy red fucker!
Some cards guarantee access to the show 🎫 🎫 & others will get you in with a chance of coming along as well!
It's the first time something like this has ever been done for a show so I can't fucking wait!!
I've also thought of a load of shit (good shit I hope) to include with the cards including for one of ya to come in the studio at some stage & loads of you getting sent out some stuff!
Can't wait for these to launch on Friday! See ya here then! 🚨 x

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